"Memory - a Memorial!"

is a contribution to the issue "cultural heritage" and contains special elements for the advancement of people's competencies. People learn to do extensive research, to view documents and sources carefully, to analyse and examine those structures critically which have grown in society, in a specific region, in a country over time. Successful project work requires people to develop and train those skills and competencies so that, when later taking stock of their activities, they will be able to work on select examples. Asking themselves which "heirlooms" they know and in which way they are going to deal with them people are encouraged to reflect on their own identity.

The project's focus is on working on and presenting selected examples of "cultural heritage":

Buildings, Memorials and Town Sites

Language and Literature

Traditions and Rituals

Working in this way means doing research (in archives, on site visits, on the internet, in publications). Such activities will enable the project's participants to present different objects, to establish their historical context and compare them on a transnational level.